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The United Pentecostal Church is an international organisation with churches in over two hundred nations around the world.  The United Pentecostal Church of Australia was established in 1953 and there are now churches scattered all around our nation.When people hear of the ‘United Pentecostals’ they often ask what makes this church different to others.  This is a very natural question and deserves an answer which can be tested against God’s word, the Holy Bible. 

There are some very basic questions every person must ask themselves if they are searching out spiritual direction:

First, who is God?  If we don’t know who He is then how will we know what to believe? 

God and His instructions cannot be separated.  If we have a god who is not the real God then we will find ourselves trying to believe a lie.

Secondly, what are the first things God want us to do to become one of His followers and therefore please Him?

Thirdly, what are His instructions for our life so we can maintain our relationship as His children?

Maybe you have never thought through these logical steps.  If this is the case we invite you to learn more information here. If y
ou would like more information please contact us.

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